Why Choose Our Mill?

Whether you have one pound or a hundred pounds of fiber, Twisted Sunset Sisters (TSS) Fiber Mill – located in Perry, Iowa – is dedicated to providing you an affordable, local means of turning your valuable, naturally-made fiber into high-quality, marketable products. We strive to empower both large- and small-scale farmers with the ability to add value to their raw fleeces, by offering a varied catalog of customizable services catered to their local customers and their own interests. We offer both basic mill services — such as washing, roving, or spinning into yarn — and premium add-ons such as handwoven items, custom dyeing, and more.

We are a proudly woman-owned business, supported by both of our wonderful partners. We seek to meet farms where they are on their journey, and to help small farms be profitable. Natural fiber is where it’s at, and we’re passionate about our ability to customize and tailor your order to fit your farm’s needs.

We process fiber on a small scale, which enables us to customize each part of the process to match the fiber characteristics of each individual fleece, and allows us to provide individual sourcing of the finished product (yarn, roving, etc) back to the wonderful animal(s) who provided their fleeces.

Head over to our Mill Services page for more info on what we can do for your farm, or if you’re ready to start the process, request a quote below!